• Time Savings
    A one-stop solution that drastically reduces your time spent shopping different stores, dealing with returns, and visiting the tailor. I do all of the leg work for you and deliver your clothes ready to wear.

  • Money Savings
    A larger selection of fabrics to choose from to create a more versatile wardrobe. A larger selection can be more easily tailored to individual preferences and wearing habits and also allows for local weather considerations. A better fit since all items are purchased, ordered or made for your individual measurements. All measurements are kept on file and updated as necessary.

    Higher quality hand-tailored garments are often an economical alternative to lower-quality machine made garments.
To schedule an initial consultation or for more information, contact Melissa at:
Phone: 713-444-4680


  • Initial image consultation
    Evaluation of your needs based on your career, job title, industry, family situation, hobbies and leisure pursuits. I evaluate your existing wardrobe and make recommendations based on your needs.

  • Wardrobe building
    Create a look that best fits your professional personal lifestyle. I assist in planning all new purchases and guide you in the understanding of your wardrobe. Personal shopping of all items, including custom orders, delivered to you ready to wear. Multiple sources of quality off-the-rack as well as custom clothiers to assist in building the perfect wardrobe to fit your needs.

  • Wardrobe Organization
    Reorganize and adjust your closet and other wardrobe storage areas to optimize wardrobe visibility and simplify the selection process. Eliminate clutter by removing old, un-worn or ill-fitting items. Arrange work and casual items in a manner consistent with your lifestyle.

  • Personal Shopping
    I will find you the perfect suit for a job interview or a tuxedo for that special occasion. Don’t worry about matching the shirt, tie and shoes. I’ll do it for you and bring several options for you to choose from, worry free. I will dress you appropriately for any occasion.